Hannah's Horseshoes of Hope

After nearly 15 years of serving the special needs population of Fannin & Grayson Counties and the surrounding area, Hannah's Horseshoes of Hope founder and director, Janice Mills, has announced her retirement. Thank you Janice for the wonderful years of service you have given!

Hannah's horses - Hoppy, Mac, Charlie, Josie, March & Trouble - are continuing to do what they do best at Divine Equine in Sherman, TX (Spring Registration deadline is Dec 1st). We would love for you all to continue your association with a therapeutic riding program.

Many thanks to all our friends, students, volunteers and donors over the years for coming together at HHH and making such a positive impact on our community!

Please refer to the list below for other outstanding Equine-Assisted Therapy and Therapeutic Riding Programs in the area.

Be aware many have December deadlines for registering for Spring 2015. So please contact them soon!

Divine Equine
    2822 Luella Road - Sherman

Shadow Ranch
    Marion Cox
    Sulphur Springs

Grace Lake Ministries
    9611 Farm to Market Rd 1827 - Anna

    3800 Troy Road - Wylie

3160 N. Custer Road -  McKinney

Riding Unlimited
9168 N. Skiles Rd. - Ponder

The benefits of therapeutic horseback riding can be seen in our program. We are an equine(horse)-assisted therapy center for children and adults with physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities, serving the Red River/Texoma Region of North Texas and South-Eastern Oklahoma. We have had numerous students over the years, all ages 3 to 65+ years old, from all walks of life, and many different issues or disabilities. Our certified instructors challenge each student to learn something new every time they come, whether it is learning to brush and saddle their horse or practicing posting to build balance and strength. 

There are many benefits of therapeutic horseback riding for those with and without special needs. Many beyond just the physical benefits. Riders improve their self-esteem, focus and independence, as well as social interaction, even for non-verbal students while interacting with trained volunteers, professional certified instructors, specially trained Physical Therapists and other riders.

The entire experience is encouraged, including horse care; brushing, saddling or unsaddling the horse can contribute to the building of a strong relationship between horse and rider.

The four primary areas that can be influenced by therapeutic riding:

  1. Physical — The rhythm of the horse moves the body in a way similar to the human gait, thereby improving gross and fine motor skills, balance, muscle control, posture, flexibility, and coordination.  Riding can also provide cardiovascular benefits by raising the rider's heart rate.
  2. Mental —Time in the saddle can increase the student's concentration, help the rider to articulate emotions, and can develop a student's sense of spatial awareness.
  3. Emotional — Equitherapy provides an opportunity for each student to bond with the horse, instructors, and volunteers, establishing trust.  This can be effective in calming emotive outbursts and reinforcing appropriate behavior.  By establishing a noncompetitive setting in which to learn something new, client self-confidence is often greatly improved.
  4. Social — Disabled riders can begin to experience independence, often for the first time in their lives.  They become part of a team, developing skills in a recognized sport, and the resulting self-esteem and pride of accomplishment are things they can take back into their own worlds. 

For more details on all the benefits of therapeutic horseback riding

Triple H has historically offered a variety of programs including private and group lessons, Equine-assisted Physical Therapy, camps and even customized sessions for specific organizations and groups. Check out our new website at Divine Equine for current programs!

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